Everyone knows how influential and expansive the United States have become. From the bustling streets of New York City to the international empire that is Hollywood, there are many reasons someone may want to study in the USA. Here, we explore some of the benefits of studying there.

The Universities

This country is filled with world-class institutions, such as Harvard University, the California Institute of Technology and Stanford University. These places offer thousands of great opportunities to study any course you can think of and more often than not, give you an opportunity to kickstart your career with a work placement or teach you skills useful for moving up in the world, like interview techniques and CV writing. Not only this, but the US provides a vast selection of institutions that create options to suit any student. Some may want a quieter, more secluded study space like Kenyon College, and some prefer a busier city, such as UCLA. There are some websites that make it easier to research these universities and find the right fit  –Promovendux.com is great for international students to take a look at.

Not just the usual lectures

Further career boosters are also an option – students may get to work alongside a professor in a workshop or laboratory setting, applying all that they’ve learned to real projects. Opportunities like this are more common than you would expect in the USA because it is a frontrunner for scientific research and creativity.

A hotbed of different cultures

The US is a good place for international students to study because the primary language is the universal language – English. This allows for most students to communicate and socialize with ease and creates a tight-knit community for everyone to be a part of. There is also a large number of ethnic groups within higher level institutions – more than many other countries – and some campuses have around a 70% ethnic minority population. In this way, the US can be seen as an international student hub that brings people from many different backgrounds and nationalities, together.

And while you’re not studying?

In terms of entertainment and things to do, the US definitely delivers. There are countless days out to plan and evenings full of fun. Especially if you’re in a city, there are bars, restaurants, museums, parks, cinemas and obviously, famous attractions like the Statue of Liberty or the Washington Monument. The United States are also well-known for their student societies and sports teams. You can make friends and learn new skills or just show off your passion for something in as many of these clubs as you’d like. Many students also say that studying in the US has developed their personality, taken them out of their comfort zone and broadened their horizons.

What about the fees?

Finally, the all-important tuition fees… On average, they are around $33,000 per year (£25,000) and accommodation is usually around $12,000 (£9,500). International students tend to pay towards the higher end of these figures, but they are important to the country because they bring an estimated $9 billion to the economy. To help with the cost of living, there are various ways for students to save and make money, from couponing for groceries, to getting part time work (if your visa allows it). Overall, the USA is an excellent option for anyone who wishes to open new doors for their future and gain valuable life experiences, making it a destination well worth the slightly higher fees.

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