From culture and history to prestige and opportunities, there are many reasons you may consider studying in the UK. If you’re considering your options for further study, here is a list of some of the biggest reasons to got to university in the United Kingdom:


The UK is known for its vast array of cultures, religions and ethnic groups. These are all due to the welcoming borders and the fact that there are many places willing to accept refugees and immigrants. The diversity in the UK, especially in England, has led to hundreds of new cuisines becoming popular and many religions being spread and embraced. With this, you can be more confident about expressing yourself and you can be sure there is probably a place of worship for most major religions nearby. The UK also has its own rich history, which saw the creation of structures like castles (of which there are thousands) and Stonehenge. There are many sights and attractions to visit and plenty of places to keep yourself entertained all across the isles.

High Quality Education

Institutions such as Oxford University and Cambridge University are world renowned for their historical influence and excellent quality teaching. Names like these can be an important asset to you in the future, when searching for your desired career. There are many more high-quality institutions in the UK with similar prestige that all offer a range of courses. There are more than 50,000 undergraduate courses at almost 400 universities, colleges and conservatoires across the country. To find out about how to choose where to study and much more useful information, visit websites such as With all this choice, you can guarantee there is a course that is right for you and for where you want your life to go.

Work Opportunities

Most universities allow you to work part time during your course to help with your living costs, along with the opportunity to work full-time out of term time. After you graduate, there are thousands of opportunities for you to explore and your university will usually help with starting your career or finding a job placement to go with your course (courses with placements in your subject’s industry are very popular in the UK).

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees can get quite expensive, especially for international students. It is best to carefully plan your budget and prepare everything you need before you go. The good thing is, the UK has lots of options in terms of scholarships, as long as you meet the requirements. Loans are also something to consider, for example, the Foreign Enrolled Loan, which can all help with, or completely cover, the cost of tuition or accommodation. Furthermore, UK degrees are shorter than many other countries, as the average course is three years long (although four-year courses are growing in popularity). Master’s degrees are usually an extra year or two.

Overall, the UK is great place in terms of available subjects and post-graduation opportunities but can be expensive if not handled correctly. It is certainly a good choice for anyone looking for connections to the rest of Europe or for anyone who wants a world-class education.

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