Asia isn’t usually the first place you think of when it comes to studying abroad but you’d surprised by the amount of excellent opportunities available to you. Here are some reasons why you should consider studying in Asia.


Many Asian countries have a large array of cultures, meaning there is a variety of values and beliefs that you can explore and experience. Common values in Asian cultures include respect, courtesy, unity and education (ideal for studying!) Most places you visit will have a mutual respect for other cultures and people happily co-exist amongst other traditions.


Asia has a very recognisable architectural style and the past colonisation of many of the countries is evident in its buildings, cultures and food. The rich history is interesting to explore, and the food is a fantastic blend of ingredients unique to the East. Living in Asia will ensure you never run out of new cuisines to wrap your taste buds around and you will never be bored navigating the bustling streets or breath-taking countryside.


As almost no Asian countries speak English as a prominent language (India being an exception) living there allows you to learn a new language or even teach others your own. This experience forces you to be more independent and may bring out a talent for language that you never knew was there. Furthermore, there are many opportunities for you to make new friends and new connections while taking the language classes you need to get on with life abroad. As for the connections – you never know where they may take you or who might be interested in working with you. They can be an excellent career booster, especially if you learn that new language.


Cost is big worry when planning for university and it can be difficult finding a balance between affordability and practicality. However, in most Asian institutions, the cost is a much smaller problem, as one year’s worth of study in the UK or USA is a similar price to an entire course in Asia. This leaves you with a much smaller (or even non-existent) debt when you graduate and perhaps enough money left over for your accommodation, which will likely also be cheaper in comparison to the West.

Standards of education

A common misconception about Asia is the lack of education and educational institutions. Though in some places this may have an element of truth, most parts of Asia take pride in education and Asian students perform consistently higher in global examinations. This is due to the strong education systems in place in countries like Japan, Korea and Singapore, along with top-performing universities and world-renowned degrees. Lecturers are up-to-date and have adverse knowledge in their subjects. Students are encouraged to independently study and anything they struggle with can be addressed by the lecturers in their next session. All of these factors contribute to the very high rankings of institutions such as Seoul National University (46th worldwide for teaching) and the University of Tokyo (34th in the world and 7th best student city).

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