If you have just recently graduated or are close to graduation, then you might be considering studying for a PhD. It is really important that anyone who is contemplating further study is fully aware of what it entails. A PhD is not only incredibly challenging but can also be financially draining. Depending on your subject you will be committed to a further 3 to 4 years. Unlike other type of postgraduate course, the percentage of students who fail or drop out is much higher, so it is really important that you have considered all your options before making the commitment.

Whilst this might sound like we are trying to persuade you against studying for a PhD. This really couldn’t be further from the truth, but it is very important if you choose this path that you do it for the right reasons. A PhD can certainly allow you to develop your knowledge of something you’re passionate about, but there are other benefits too – as explored below.

If you are considering PhD studies then there are a number of different avenues open to you as you will see from the range of courses available through Promovendux.com.

Reasons to do a PhD

  • Many students who are considering PhD study do so because they have a real passion for the subject that they want to study further, making discoveries of note along the way. This can be very relevant when it comes looking at any long-term career goals, especially when the career you are looking at is in the field of academia where having a PhD is essential.
  • Some of the research and analytical skills that can be learnt on a PhD course can be transferred to other industries, although many PhD students are sponsored on their courses and will need to work for their sponsoring company for a while.
  • PhDs offer students a fantastic opportunity to carry on studying a subject that they have a genuine passion for. Because PhD programs are less structured, they offer the option to take you studies in the direction of any specific part of the subject that is of particular interest.
  • You will likely be in high demand, as far as employment opportunities are concerned and you could earn a significantly higher wage, doing what you love, once your PhD is complete.


Tips for completing a PhD research project

When it comes to completing your PhD research project there are plenty of tips to help you along the way. The single most important thing to consider, however, is the subject matter that you choose. You should be looking for something that interests you, and something you are passionate about, because the more you love your subject the easier it will be to commit to the work.

  • Plan the structure of your research project carefully with your supervisor
  • Complete the work chapter by chapter whilst the research is still fresh in your mind
  • Accept that you will need to edit, so getting everything on paper first and then going back to edit is fine
  • Give yourself time after you write your first draft, and then come back to it later to read and edit
  • Check your universities’ preferred style for references and stick to it

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