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University open days have traditionally been the way for students to make their final decision about their choice of university when looking to further their education.  Students (and often their parents) want to be sure that alongside the course content they will be happy at their university choice for the next few years of their life. The traditional open day provided this opportunity by way of allowing student to get to know their surroundings, and some of their fellow undergraduates.

However, this year Covid-19, and its ensuing complications has put a stop to traditional open days.  Universities are turning more now to virtual tours to provide students with an insight into life with them. These tours show what they have to offer and give the answers needed to help students decide on the learning establishment that’s right for them digitally.

Finding Virtual Tours On

Here at, we have brought together virtual tours from hundreds of universities and made them available free for you to view. Students have the opportunity to visit many different universities using the virtual tours available from the site. They may even find universities they may have not previously considered, just the click of a button away.

Whilst a necessity because of the Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing has placed on open days, virtual tours are actually proving to be a positive alternative to some attendees.

This is because physical trip to a university often involves many hours of travel and being part of a large group all trying to see the same thing.  Not being able to spend the amount of time you want looking at specific areas or be able to see as clearly as you would wish, are some limitations that may put you off a university, when real life on campus is much different to that experienced at an open day. Long days with visits to many different universities can also be costly, time consuming and tiring.

With virtual tours, you will gain a fantastic insight into life at the university, all from the comfort of your own home. You will get the opportunity to see the facilities that each university has to offer, whilst benefitting from the luxury of no costs to get there, no time limits on visits, no hours spent travelling and you can check out as much or as little as you wish to make your final choice.

Benefits of a ‘Virtual Tour’

  • Look around when you choose without leaving home
  • Spend as long as you wish looking without getting aching feet
  • No long or potentially costly road, rail or air trips
  • See areas you may have missed on a physical visit
  • Consider universities that you may not have previously
  • Revisit and refresh your memory as often as you choose
  • Create a considered list of further questions you may wish to target to specific universities later offers an independent insight into the universities you may be looking to attend, and there is no limit on the number of virtual university tours you can take. So, don’t let coronavirus clip your wings, why not explore any university that takes your fancy, and allow yourself to look at all the options open to you?

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