If you are a candidate who would like to conduct some research and subsequently write a thesis but are looking for a way to fund your PhD, then you may be successful in approaching a university, research council or company with a particular interest in your subject. You might conduct the search locally or by approaching well-known organisations that fit the bill. However, carrying out a thorough search of every company or organisation who may be interested in providing funding is a mammoth task, particularly if you are seeking to reach out to organisations globally.

Who is looking to fund a PhD?

You may be an employer who is interested in conducting some research to benefit your business, or perhaps you are seeking a highly educated candidate to fill a position within your company. While you may be lucky and find the perfect applicant in response to a local, national or even international advertisement, can you really be sure that you have achieved the necessary reach to attract the very best candidates from around the world?

An ideal solution for both parties would be an agency that brings together candidates, projects and employers. Promovendux provides this opportunity.

Who we are, and how we can help?

Promovendux are a global organisation who welcome PhD opportunities from any university or company, anywhere in the world. Our global reach enables both employers and candidates to conduct a comprehensive search for the project or individual that will be the best fit for them. Our database is filled with high-quality candidates and employers in need of expertise.

Based in the Netherlands, Promovendux have the skills and experience required to match up ideal candidates and employers in order to create exciting and innovative research projects which will improve business performance and forge successful careers. Our team is made up of like-minded people who are able to recognize excellence and then open up opportunities that will allow all parties to achieve their full potential.

In a globalized world, we think it is essential to open up international opportunities in order to source the best global candidates that will enable businesses to carry out world-class research. Simply advertise your PhD project on our website and get discovered by the perfect candidate. Candidates can post their CV on our website in order to enable themselves to be spotted according to their location, subject and discipline. We can also help people and organisations to team up temporarily, or arrange exchanges.

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