What if there was a platform where you could reach academics and researchers, worldwide?

Finding talented people is hard to do, but you need their skills and abilities to push projects forward and increase revenue and reputation. How do you go about finding the people to add and diverse your talent pool?

Global audience, no boundaries

Promovendux is an international online platform that exists to help people and companies find a match, enabling business and universities to grow, develop and explore and dedicated candidates to get the best start, developing as they need to and building a strong career.

At Promovendux, we have taken the pain out of headhunting global academic talent. We bridge the gap between employers and highly educated candidates. No matter what your industry, field or location, with access to an international professional network we can target academics and researchers across all disciplines and at all levels, worldwide.

Educational level

We are fast establishing ourselves as the go-to, independent sourcing platform for companies, research institutes and universities seeking to link and work with exciting, talented academics and researchers. Promovendux choose to offer only jobs and internships at the following levels:

  • Bachelor (undergraduate)
  • Master (postgraduate)
  • PhD (doctorate)

Free and Easy

Better still, posting your latest vacancies to a global audience of talented candidates is free. Our website is simple and easy to use. Candidates will contact you directly, saving you time and energy on trying to work a complicated, third-party messaging systems.

Our platform enables users to search for and locate all that they need in one central place. You can find or post:

    • Academic positions and internshipsat Bachelors, Masters, or PHD Level
    • University vacancies and tenuresat Bachelors, Masters, or PHD Level
    • Research and development roleshire top talent to carry out your R&D
    • Accommodationlist your properties for rent or sale
    • High level qualified candidatesfind the brightest minds to help you go forward
    • Company profiles and vacancieslist what you have to offer and attract global candidates

Our free, 60-day trial allows you to try out our services with no risk or obligation to continue.

And there’s more…

Offering a complete and tempting package is essential for winning the best candidates. That’s why we also connect universities and academic candidates for accommodation too.

Sign up today to start to find the best talent from anywhere in the world!

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