The benefits of creating anonymous job applications

Although the world is changing to embrace diversity, and protective legislation is in place; employment discrimination still happens. An increasing way to combat this is through the creation of application procedures that are completely anonymous, these have indicated (at least at the trial stage) to increase the chances of making it to interview. This is especially true for applicants who have immigration status and for women in general.

It’s not personal

In order to ensure people are judged on credentials alone; personal details such as sex, name and ethnicity can be removed during the first stage of the application process with these details only available once the interview selection list is compiled. This promotes actual equal rights for all and means that recruiters no matter how liberal they consider themselves to be, cannot make judgments (consciously or subconsciously) based on any personal details contained in the application.

Forward versus backward thinking

This type of application is not a new thing; a number of municipal and government bodies have been employing these techniques in their hiring process for some time. There is evidence to suggest that they are proving to be more effective in avoiding the discriminations that had been taking place. Diversity levels have increased and no matter the gender or origin of a candidate, their, chances have been significantly improved of at least making it past the first part of the application process.

The Benefits

Trials have indicated that there are significant benefits to be had from this type of anonymous job application. In the first instance, potential employers base their candidate selection solely on the skills and qualifications of the candidates. This means that these are employers who signal a strong commitment to building up a skilled workforce, and this indicates a stronger likelihood they will invest in further learning in the future. Where standard application forms are used for jobs, a potential employer is party to information from each candidate set out in the same way- specific information displayed in precisely the way they want. This gives them all the details that they really need in order to make the best choices of candidates to put through to interview.
Anonymous applications can also reduce discrimination where it was high, and many also boost successful applications from minority candidates.

At Promovendux, we introduce these types of anonymous job applications to both companies and candidates with excellent results.

It is clear that the increased implementation of anonymous applications is driving the non-discriminatory recruitment process forward, and this is something which should certainly be celebrated on every level.

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