11 Helpful Apps for Students: 

Going to Uni can be an exciting time for students but a scary one too. For many, it is their first real time away from home and marks the beginning of the transition period from late teens to adulthood. Hopefully at the end of their course; Students will not only leave the University building with their degree but with a great deal of life experience too that will stand them in good stead to navigate the world at large.

The life experience gained at University or College may include A LOT of socialising but there is also plenty of work to be done by students to ensure they stay on track. Making lectures and meeting deadlines as well as meeting new mates in the Student Union can be done by the assistance of the following 10 helpful apps that will help students factor in both work and play:

Grammar apps

Grammar is especially important during the COVID-19 “era”, since meetings are no longer face to face and our online profiles are a reflection of ourselves, bad grammar will leave a lasting bad impression. Grammarly and Whitesmoke are powerful grammar apps that will proofread your message and make sure your message is clear, effective, and mistake-free.

Responsible drinking apps

The app Wise Drinking keeps track of how much you have been drinking, provides advice on safe guidelines and will even alert you to when to call a taxi or map your location in relation to public transport if you are off campus.

Healthy eating apps

Long gone are the days when a student’s diet revolved around beans on toast or pot noodle! There are many healthy eating apps including MealBoard which plans healthy meals, grocery shops and recipes to ensure you can have a good diet even when you are on a budget.

Wake-up apps

For sleepy-head students “Alarmy: sleep if you can” could be the app for you. This alarm requires the user to perform a small task which means that before you know it, you will be up and out of bed.

Student safety app

The Circle of Six app uses GPS tracking to locate lost friends and it can also send for an instant call for help at the touch of the button.

Video call apps

Most students will be aware of FaceTime and Microsoft Teams but other apps such as IMO and Tango help you to make calls and multi-task too!

Bibiliography helper apps

Easybib creates an academic reference for any book simply from a scan of its barcode!

Student planner apps

Timetable, My Class Schedule and Class Timetable are all apps to help students stay on track study wise including sending alerts and reminders so they don’t miss lectures or work deadlines.

Exam prep apps

Benchprep is a refreshing app that uses social networking- style functionality to connect with other test-takers.

Lecture capture apps

Never doze off in a lecture again! Office Lens allows you to capture a white board and SoundNote acts as an audio and visual recorder.

Revision apps

Studying for exams can now be fun with apps such as Studyblue and GoConqr, and for those who are looking to make like-minded friends the Skout app helps students to meet new people in their new locality.

With all this assistance just a tap of your smartphone away, there’s no reason why student life should cause you any problems.

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